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VOX Amplug-Review

Amplug is a mini product output amplifier modeling known brands: Vox, which is equipped with features such as: controls for Gain, Tone and Volume, Aux-in mini stereo (input for MP3 player or CD player) and a mini stereo outputs (for headphones / earphones and can also serve as a line out) and Power switch (On / Off). With  

Amplug, you can play the electric guitar and listen through headphones / earphones.

Amplug operated by using 2 pieces AAA alkaline batteries that can last up to 15 hours of nonstop usage.
There are 3 variants of the model for Amplug, namely: Amplug Metal, AC30 and Amplug Classic Amplug model Rock.Masing each have their own sound characteristics.
Amplug Metal has the best distortion sound 'tough' because it's Metal Amplug a modern amplifier modeling mini Hi-gain American origin.

While capable of producing Amplug AC30 overdriven sound is warm vintage Vox AC30 amplifier typically used by Queen guitarist: Brian May.if you have a guitar Fender Start or Telecaster, try using the Amplug AC30, play a double stop on strings 1 and 2 and 2 or 3 at any fret and you'll get the typical sound of the Vox AC30 which can not be imitated by other brands of guitar amps.

Classic Rock Amplug have distinctive distortion sound amplifier from UK.if you like playing style as a guitarist: Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page Classic Rock Amplug then this is suitable for you.

Amplug Metal is the first Amplug model we try to use the headphones, and we can only comment: "Wow!". Amplug never imagined that its size is only 8.6 cm (length) x 8 cm (width) x 3.1 cm ( thick) and weighing just less than 40 grams (without batteries) can produce a modern distortion sound tough enough.

Then we tried to 'direct-out' using a 10W guitar amp and guitar Ibanez RG470, and once again we must admit that the quality of its sound distortion good.Semua enough is possibly because Amplug wearing a special electronic circuit technology that can reproduce the sound character of a particular guitar amps very detailed.

In 2009, there will be 2 pieces Amplug latest products, namely: Amplug Lead (U.S. Boutique modeling amplifier that has been equipped with digital delay effects) and Amplug Bass (Amplug for bass player Mini Bass Modeling Vox amplifiers are equipped with a compressor effect / boost )

Amplug benefits :

  • Amplug Vox is perfect for all guitarists that in fact have to practice to improve skills / skill game without disturbing others with the roar of a guitar sound that you play. 
  • Amplug Vox sound quality is more than enough for anda.Kualitas training needs a good sound is one important aspect to keep the 'mood' your practice. 
  • If you're feeling bored practicing guitar in a private room or in the studio, Amplug can help you create a 'new climate' in practice, for example: you can practice the guitar in your backyard garden or if you are in private rooms on the second floor, you can practice on your private balcony and accompanied by a warm cup of cappuccino coffee of course.
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Yngwie Malmsteen Play 'Beat It' Belongs to Michael Jackson On New Album

Yngwie Malmsteen mem'vermak never 'run out the song "Gimme Gimme Gimme's legendary Swedish pop band, ABBA, the nuanced pop dance into neoclassic metal. Now in his new album will be re-polished Yngwie hits out of the world's legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The song was 'unlucky' is Beat It!

Actually Yngwie album is more of a compilation which is almost entirely instrumental. Legendary track list the contents of this album include Brothers, Trilogy Suite, Far Beyond The Sun, and many more. Guitarist who several months ago was named by Time magazine as a Top 10 Greatest Players Electric Guitar 9 in order to give the title of this High Impact on the album that will release on December 8, 2009.

Track List :
01. Caprici Di Dablo
02. Brothers
03. Blitzkrieg
04. Trilogy Suite
05. Red House
06. Finale
07. Magic City
08. Arpeggios From Hell
09. Far Beyond The Sun
10. Cantabile
11. Blue
12. Overture 1622
13. Fugue
14. Beat It (MICHAEL JACKSON cover)

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