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Harp or in English is called the Harp is a stringed musical instrument types. Often the instrument is illustrated along with the angels. High shape, usually gold, and has strings. Usually the basic shape of a triangle. Often present together with Simphony orchestra, along with the vocal sound, voice flute, or it could be a jazz bass and drums.

A harp can be played either by hand, or with hands and feet, as found on the pedal harp. Harp can be played solo, or it could be in part of an ensemble.

But apart from all that, either where or how to play the harp, Harp can create a very beautiful twang.

Harp has a variety of variations of shape, size, and weight. But it still has all three main parts, namely:

   1. Sound board (Sound board)
   2. Neck (Neck)
   3. String (String)

Modern harps usually triangular shaped. Size variations of a harp can reach two feet (60 cm) to six feet (180 cm) and has 22 to 47 pieces a string. Harp with a smaller size can lap as he played. While large usually placed on the floor.

Harp can be found with the shape and size that is more varied than the musical instrument / other instruments. Harp is one of the oldest intrument, and is said to have been used since ancient Egyptian times, and for the latest type of Harp, Harp Electric is.

Classical Guitar World Know


Guitar is the instrument of the most famous around the world. This instrument is played in a way that varies according to the type or kind. Among the many types of guitar, classical guitar type is one instrument that is used primarily to bring the solo works of classical music. To obtain a general description of the classical guitar, let us refer to the history, construction, playing techniques, education system, and the players.


The word 'guitar' or guitar in English, originally derived from the name of an ancient stringed musical instrument in the Persian region circa 1500 BC which is known as Citar or sehtar. This instrument is then developed into a variety of ancient guitar models known as general tanbur. In the year 300 BC the Persian Tanbur developed by the Greeks and six centuries later by the Romans (Bellow, 1970:54-55). 476M In this instrument brought by the Romans to the Spanish and transformed into: (1) guitarra Morisca that functions as a carrier melody, and (2) Guitarra Latina to play a chord. Three centuries later the Arabs brought a kind of lute guitar as al ud to Spain (Summerfield, 1982:12). Based on the construction of al ud both Arab and Roman models of the guitar, the Spanish and then create their own musical instrument called the vihuela. As a result, vihuela became popular in Spain as musical instruments predecessor gradually abandoned. Nevertheless al ud brought people to the countries of Western Europe and compete with the popularity of the Spanish vihuela. In Europe al ud welcomed and developed into the European lute models to approximately the late 17th century. While it continues to be the vihuela developed a variety of guitars over the centuries until it became a classic guitar that is used at this time.

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Johnny Hallyday made last night in Los Angeles

Thursday, December 10, 2009, 19.06 pm - hospitalized since Monday in Los Angeles for an infection, vocalist Johnny Hallyday has had surgery that night. According to an official statement, the situation was "under control". Johnny Hallyday, 66, has been made in last night to today at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. According to an official statement taken by the AFP, U.S. doctors have found the "injuries resulting from the" operation "of the disc herniation conducted last November 26 in Paris. The statement said that" The situation in the state is under control. Another update is expected within 48 hours. Since its revival, the singer would remain under observation in a state of semi-sleep "to avoid pain. Johnny Hallyday had visited the United States on December 1, Only four days after surgery in Paris for his herniated disc. He had made the trip against the advice of doctors. During the flight, the singer had experienced severe back pain and had to leave the airport in Los Angeles wheelchair. The pain has steadily increased and was forced to go to the hospital last Monday for medical treatment. Follow the news of Johnny Hallyday Live Public.

source : http://fr.news.launch.yahoo.com