Jumat, 06 November 2009

Prove greatness Laney Lx 120 Twin !

Amplifier may be a tool that is a primer for a player of modern instruments such as guitar amplifiers good electric.proved able to form a character from the players.

Laney Lx 120 Twin might be your choice for an electric guitar player prefesional.
produced by a leading manufacturer of amplifiers that have been specalis in trust by the world of professional guitarists.

A. Laney LX 120 Twin
products originating from this world amplifier manufacturers have LX series with the addition of a twin as the meaning of having two speakers in it, it uses dual Celestion seventy 80 speakers the size of 2 x 12 "with scale dimensions 475 x 670 x 275mm, plus 120 Watts RMS power, also Footswitch FS2 is
are sold separately and this input is single jack.produk special products from Laney with a product called extreme effect, it has some special effects features that may help you to reduce the cost of purchasing an external effect, for those of you who have external effects may have effects in Laney LX 120 Twin can be combined as necessary in recording or live performance.
B. Sound Character
when coepezmusical try this amplifier looks simple, it seems clear the two speakers connected terlihat.before premises of a guitar and instrument cable jack, find a single input coepezmusical effects send and effects return and a single input Loud Speaker Extension which can be interpreted this amplifier can be connected to the device cabinet.Gitar head Ibanez RG series are used to try to greatness this Laney LX 120 Twin.Listening a clear clean sound with a mix of 2 knobs control equalisasi.Terdapat crunch responsible for activating equalisasi distortion with master volume settings and the bass, middle, treble.Listening distortion steady with a knob driver settings and knobs effect of effect options such as choice of variation 2 (bank) effects reverb, delay 4, 2 option variations in chorus, flanger, rotary speaker octave, chorus + reverb, chorus + delay, flanger + delay, and octave + delay.

Minggu, 01 November 2009

Rest he nuggets unpublished Jimi Hendrix?

The half-sister of Jimi Hendrix promises leaving many unpublished in the next decade. Can you believe it?

Mid-September, the adopted sister of Jimi Hendrix announced loudly still have in reserve "a decade of music and videos" unpublished guitar hero and promised to leave the news every 12 to 18 months.

We interviewed Yazid Manou, a specialist in France and reference for everything concerning Jimi Hendrix.

"We must first put the ad in context", says it immediately. "In late August, the Jimi Hendrix catalog has changed hands. He left Universal, in which Hendrix was from its beginnings through Polydor / Barclay, for Sony. It will take effect from 1 January 2010. Now, who said change in said catalog editions.

"So we will always qualify as a series of reissues, the label wishing once again put his mark on the artist. But to push the public to buy" Are You Experienced "for the 10th time, Sony is likely to propose editions deluxe, with new technical processes or bonus.

Distinguish true and unpublished news
This being so, can we expect real news? Here it is, as we said Yazid Manou, to distinguish new and completely unknown material. The diehard fans have in fact already aware of dozens of bands and nuggets that are yet officially unpublished. It is therefore possible for the rights-holders boast unpublished to publish simple rarities along with a more distinguished packaging (booklet etc. ...).

Jimi Hendrix (c) DR "Jimi Hendrix was a perfectionist, he spent his time recording the same songs, up to thirty or forty times, until they were completely satisfied. So there is plenty to get out of Alternative unpublished taken every month for fifteen years, "says he.

Especially that Janie Hendrix (adopted by Jimi's father, Al), which manages the rights to Jimi since 1995, jumped on most of the bands that emerged from the closet and drag buys, like the young guy who had been filmed the scene in black and white the entire concert of Jimi at Woodstock ... back - a new perspective exciting for the fans, that Janie had the idea to mix with the arch-known images of the same concert.

The same Janie has also created a label, Dagger Records, reissues sell real fake bootlegs (bootlegs) at a price of 10 euros with booklet, photos, etc. ... And offers concerts by streaming on the site jimihendrix.com.

Posthumous triumph for Michael Jackson at box office in North America

LOS ANGELES - The documentary "This is it," spent the last rehearsals of Michael Jackson, made a triumphant entrance at the box office in North America this weekend, according to preliminary figures released Sunday by box office trackers Exhibitor Relations.

The film calibrated for fans of the singer died June 25, which was the only novelty of the weekend, won the bet with $ 21.3 million of revenue, relegating to second place in the horror film with very little Budget "Paranormal Activity".

The film, whose construction cost only $ 11,000, relates still further 16.5 million dollars, totaling 84.9 million since its release last weekend.

Thriller "Law Abiding Citizen" starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler goes back to a place and joined the podium with 7.3 million.

The comedy "Couples Therapy" with Vince Vaughn, was fourth with 6 million dollars in revenue before "Saw VI", the latest installment dated monstrosities of psychopath Jigsaw (5.6 million).

"Where the Wild Things' fantasy film aimed at a younger audience, slipped into a week of the third to sixth place ($ 5 million).

Follow the thriller "The stepfather, where a young person realizes that his stepfather is a serial killer (3.4 million)," Astro Boy ", an animated movie where a boy discovers that he is a robot and "Amelia" where Hilary Swank plays the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart alongside Richard Gere (3 million each).

"The vampire's assistant," a horror film with John C. Reilly and Salma Hayek, farm walk and pocketed $ 2.8 million.

the guitar history

The guitar is one of the instruments with the most distant relatives through history and the world. For many, the first instrument resembling a guitar could date from 2000 BC. One finds in fact on representations of the Babylonians (1900 BC) but also in Egypt the same time.
The guitar n'apparue Europe than IX th century, probably introduced via Spain where the Arabs and Berbers people crossing the Mediterranean and brought their cultural specificities. Stringed instruments were common during the years until the renaissance lute which made its appearance. The guitar appears in the form now known to the XV century, is considered to be long an instrument of low category (compared to the lute, an instrument noble).
Obviously the first guitars were very different from those we know today: usually the strings were doubled, the body was very short and rarely handle more than 8 frets.
The guitar, easy access to and quality support naturally took his place in the family of stringed instruments to become over the years one of the references in the category of instruments "go anywhere". But it's really thanks to the two Spanish guitar really bored: Antonio de Torres Jurado and Francisco Tarrega. These two men of the nineteenth century sought to find the correct dimensions of the instrument, the ideal arrangement of strings, and allowed him to return from the instruments to accompany the major components of the romantic era. Torres will become the most popular maker for the sound of his guitar, Tarrega and one of the greatest virtuosos of the instrument. Many students of these great masters have become very famous guitarists, but it is a self-taught instrument that will give an international dimension: Andres Segovia.
Over time the repertoire of this instrument is therefore popular enthusiasm and of course important. So much so that the guitar goes into schools in England, which eventually incorporate into their lessons to the twentieth century, one of the last instruments to enter.
The guitar will then be taken up by hundreds of makers who seek to change the instrument on both its sound and musical qualities on the design of the object. In the early 1920s, while jazz bands looking to expand their guitar solos to test in public, Lloyd Loar, an engineer with the Gibson brand, created the first micro electromagnetic guitar: this is the beginning of an era electric.