Jumat, 06 November 2009

Prove greatness Laney Lx 120 Twin !

Amplifier may be a tool that is a primer for a player of modern instruments such as guitar amplifiers good electric.proved able to form a character from the players.

Laney Lx 120 Twin might be your choice for an electric guitar player prefesional.
produced by a leading manufacturer of amplifiers that have been specalis in trust by the world of professional guitarists.

A. Laney LX 120 Twin
products originating from this world amplifier manufacturers have LX series with the addition of a twin as the meaning of having two speakers in it, it uses dual Celestion seventy 80 speakers the size of 2 x 12 "with scale dimensions 475 x 670 x 275mm, plus 120 Watts RMS power, also Footswitch FS2 is
are sold separately and this input is single jack.produk special products from Laney with a product called extreme effect, it has some special effects features that may help you to reduce the cost of purchasing an external effect, for those of you who have external effects may have effects in Laney LX 120 Twin can be combined as necessary in recording or live performance.
B. Sound Character
when coepezmusical try this amplifier looks simple, it seems clear the two speakers connected terlihat.before premises of a guitar and instrument cable jack, find a single input coepezmusical effects send and effects return and a single input Loud Speaker Extension which can be interpreted this amplifier can be connected to the device cabinet.Gitar head Ibanez RG series are used to try to greatness this Laney LX 120 Twin.Listening a clear clean sound with a mix of 2 knobs control equalisasi.Terdapat crunch responsible for activating equalisasi distortion with master volume settings and the bass, middle, treble.Listening distortion steady with a knob driver settings and knobs effect of effect options such as choice of variation 2 (bank) effects reverb, delay 4, 2 option variations in chorus, flanger, rotary speaker octave, chorus + reverb, chorus + delay, flanger + delay, and octave + delay.

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