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Rest he nuggets unpublished Jimi Hendrix?

The half-sister of Jimi Hendrix promises leaving many unpublished in the next decade. Can you believe it?

Mid-September, the adopted sister of Jimi Hendrix announced loudly still have in reserve "a decade of music and videos" unpublished guitar hero and promised to leave the news every 12 to 18 months.

We interviewed Yazid Manou, a specialist in France and reference for everything concerning Jimi Hendrix.

"We must first put the ad in context", says it immediately. "In late August, the Jimi Hendrix catalog has changed hands. He left Universal, in which Hendrix was from its beginnings through Polydor / Barclay, for Sony. It will take effect from 1 January 2010. Now, who said change in said catalog editions.

"So we will always qualify as a series of reissues, the label wishing once again put his mark on the artist. But to push the public to buy" Are You Experienced "for the 10th time, Sony is likely to propose editions deluxe, with new technical processes or bonus.

Distinguish true and unpublished news
This being so, can we expect real news? Here it is, as we said Yazid Manou, to distinguish new and completely unknown material. The diehard fans have in fact already aware of dozens of bands and nuggets that are yet officially unpublished. It is therefore possible for the rights-holders boast unpublished to publish simple rarities along with a more distinguished packaging (booklet etc. ...).

Jimi Hendrix (c) DR "Jimi Hendrix was a perfectionist, he spent his time recording the same songs, up to thirty or forty times, until they were completely satisfied. So there is plenty to get out of Alternative unpublished taken every month for fifteen years, "says he.

Especially that Janie Hendrix (adopted by Jimi's father, Al), which manages the rights to Jimi since 1995, jumped on most of the bands that emerged from the closet and drag buys, like the young guy who had been filmed the scene in black and white the entire concert of Jimi at Woodstock ... back - a new perspective exciting for the fans, that Janie had the idea to mix with the arch-known images of the same concert.

The same Janie has also created a label, Dagger Records, reissues sell real fake bootlegs (bootlegs) at a price of 10 euros with booklet, photos, etc. ... And offers concerts by streaming on the site jimihendrix.com.

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