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Harp or in English is called the Harp is a stringed musical instrument types. Often the instrument is illustrated along with the angels. High shape, usually gold, and has strings. Usually the basic shape of a triangle. Often present together with Simphony orchestra, along with the vocal sound, voice flute, or it could be a jazz bass and drums.

A harp can be played either by hand, or with hands and feet, as found on the pedal harp. Harp can be played solo, or it could be in part of an ensemble.

But apart from all that, either where or how to play the harp, Harp can create a very beautiful twang.

Harp has a variety of variations of shape, size, and weight. But it still has all three main parts, namely:

   1. Sound board (Sound board)
   2. Neck (Neck)
   3. String (String)

Modern harps usually triangular shaped. Size variations of a harp can reach two feet (60 cm) to six feet (180 cm) and has 22 to 47 pieces a string. Harp with a smaller size can lap as he played. While large usually placed on the floor.

Harp can be found with the shape and size that is more varied than the musical instrument / other instruments. Harp is one of the oldest intrument, and is said to have been used since ancient Egyptian times, and for the latest type of Harp, Harp Electric is.

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