Jumat, 27 November 2009


Blues though the audience was not too widespread, but this genre has a fairly broad definition. And the audience seemed to hold blues fanatic, because the strains of the tone of the music is so pervasive and can not play under the awareness of bias or stamping, or body rocking. Without realizing it also the world's great musicians, too much left in the musical genre of blues.

Look at the many hits of this came as such flows, Red House, Little wing (Jimi Hendrix), and many of the rating again.looking Top 100 Guitarist of about 80% of their blues-dominated genre. Or most of them come from western and western identic with seems the blues. Meanwhile the European line of descent from classic plays. Mostly the music was the difference in American music (blues pentatonic) and European music (classic diatonic). If you want to play the blues scale-scale study is important to be understood. With the blues scale will easily extended to other genres, like rock n roll, Rockabilly, including the Jazz, because there are modes.

And learn music the same as learning the language. If the language, grammar and vocabulary, the more vocabulary the more pronounced bias. Follow these practical theories through books or teachers. Just follow the basic theory and examples presented so long you will not be able to play a tone sentence. Because of that blues tune that was-that's all, then the other musicians played the note does not matter. Please note many great blues musicians were influenced blueser predecessor. Call it influence the SRV T-Bone Walker, or Eric Clapton to play Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry rhythm blues affects almost generally. Principle trace abis musicians play it, if able.

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