Jumat, 27 November 2009

PEAVEY KB3 Keyboard Amplifier (PEAVEY)

This is the right choice for musicians who want the perfect sound at a low price. Peavey KB3 Keyboard Amplifier is an independent sound system, compact size and easily portable. This amplifier can produce the perfect sound for the keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars and drum machines. Power 50W (70W with additional cable) and 12 "speakers with tweeternya, this tool can produce a clear sound. Three separate channels each with 2 band EQ and channel 1 for the mic input. Balance XLR out. Effect send / return. Headphones with level control.

Peavey KB3 keyboard amplifier features:
magnitude 50 (70W with additional cable)
12 "speakers with tweeters
3 separate channels
2 band EQ on each channel
Balance XLR
Effect send / return
Headphones with level control

Price: U $ .110, - or Rp.1.100.000, -

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