Jumat, 27 November 2009

Yamaha Dave Weckl signature snare drum

Snare drum is composed of circular frame size 5 "X14" 6-ply 6mm Maple shell.
Thin Maple shell combined with a 5 "depth produces Yamaha Dave Weckl signature snare drum with a wide range of advantages. Snare drum can be adjusted in accordance with the needs strength and the desired musical situations.

Dual strainer Dave Weckl designed to produce different compositions. Dave prefers to tighten the tension on the snare and high-carbon stainless steel wires loosened. This gives the right balance and the open air sound to produce a good sound with remarkable technique.

This young snare drum and set off in accordance with the required needs. Using 8 lugs gives accurate tuning with minimum metal on the skin. Black is the color of the Yamaha legend.

Yamaha Dave Weckl Signature Snare Drum Features:
6-ply 6mm maple shell
Nouveau lug quick release
8-lug Aluminum die cast hoops
Dual P-type strainer, one with opposite throw
G-type adjustable butt
2.5mm snare bed
Solid black lacquer

Price: U $ 790, - or Rp.7.900.000,-

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